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The Boys & I – Rocking on stage and off.

What unites The Boys & I? The leading role that music plays in each of their lives. Crafted out of a love for music and a passion to create and share, The Boys & I always aim to bring their A game. While The Boys & I might all have other things that keep them busy when off stage they keep on rocking in all areas of their lives.

The Boys & I are an alternative rock band hailing from Kitchener, ON, but The Boys & I travel wherever the roads take them in their pursuit of people who will share a rocking good time. Whether it’s playing at a local bar, joining other musicians on the header or providing entertainment for a private event, The Boys & I tell stories of love and loss, failings and recoveries and our shared humanity. Always professional, always entertaining The Boys & I are top tier in Kitchener and South Central Ontario’s live music scene.

The Boys & I are lead by James Blacktop’s voice, brought to the sonic edge by Marc Reilly’s guitar, kept thumping by Adom Postma’s bass and always on time with Nathan Bonassin’s drums.

Check out The Boys & I live and in person at one of our shows: https://www.songkick.com/artists/10040829-boys-and-i

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For a deep dive into some of the places The Boys & I have been and the things they’ve done take a look at some pictures and videos and you can always follow us on Tik Tok or Instagram or reach out to learn more.

May the music never die.